Good Influence: A PR Guide for Mindful Entrepreneurs

Have you ever been someplace you thought you weren't supposed to be? Where the simple act of being there felt mischievous? Maybe no one else looked like you. Perhaps you thought you weren’t experienced enough to be there.

I’ve been in that place. But what was I supposed to do, leave?

No, thanks.

“Growth + Comfort Do Not Coexist” was a quote I hung in my cubicle at my first corporate job at a public relations (PR) agency, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I’ve learned to push past discomfort to end up where I genuinely want to be.

As a publicist, it’s my job to do the same for my clients - help them push past discomfort and show up in places they thought were out of reach. I’ve helped my clients get on TV shows like CNBC, and online publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Refinery29, Bustle, and The New York Times.

After years of experience as a publicist, I want to share what I know about the PR world with you. Why? Because I know you want to push your boundaries too. Because I want you to have access to an industry you may have thought was out of reach, or outside of your budget.

Because that’s the other thing: PR is an investment, a pricey investment. Most people that are on TV, in magazines or on our favorite blogs are usually the ones that can afford hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a publicist on their team. They have the time, money and resources to invest in having their stories told well. But just because you don’t have a full-time publicist doesn’t mean your story isn't worth being shared. People want to hear your story.

So here I am, your neighborhood publicist showing you around the PR block, using Good Influence as our guide. Good Influence is an affordable workbook ($48) that will help you be YOUR OWN publicist. It has over 100+ pages that will show you how to identify relevant blogs, podcasts, magazines, and TV shows that are talking about the ideas you care about, and how you can successfully collaborate with them. Part 1 of the workbook, Alignment, starts with your mindset. What’s your “why”? What are you offering? Are you working with people that align with your purpose? Have you distinguished your self-worth from your market value? Part 2, Master Plan, focuses on implementation. It answers questions about how the media works, which kinds of media you should be working with, how to find the right person to contact, and what you should say in your pitch when you reach out to them.  

Good Influence was explicitly made for purpose-driven influencers and entrepreneurs that are ready to push boundaries, share their story, and step into new spaces. If you’re ready, presales are available here.

Because growth and comfort cannot coexist.

Here’s to being a good influence.

With Ambition + Mischief