In Celebration of International Women's Day 2019

Generations of women before me have shaped who I am today. They’ve taught me to go after what I want, own my energy when I walk into a room, stand firm in my beliefs, and love unconditionally.

One of my favorite quotes by Ava DuVernay is “become your ancestors’ wildest dreams,” so here I am. Still becoming.

In an attempt to become this dream, I had done everything “right” — gone to school, graduated with a 3.8 GPA, and was an overachiever at work. Then I got laid off from my corporate job and my life took a turn (for the better).

I was done with chasing traditional success. I realized that my ancestors’ wildest dreams is for me to live my life fully and unapologetically. I became determined to make my own rules, using happiness and positive energy as my new metric for success.

Since starting Ambition + Mischief it’s gone through a few phases. It changes as I change. It evolves as I grow. But prioritizing joy has always been at the forefront.

I started Ambition + Mischief with the intention of becoming a blogger and working with brands. But, relying on brands exclusively to be “successful” felt too familiar. So I created something of my own. I used my 7 years of public relations experience to create Good Influence, a PR workbook for entrepreneurs that provides a step-by-step guide to share your story and be your own publicist. Why? Because I believe in storytelling, and the power of others’ stories to make us feel seen and validated with our own journey.    

As far as where things are heading, there’s no pre-approved roadmap for building your own business or building your own life. But I’ll keep showing up - for us.

I’m Sam, a writer, publicist, lover of travel and wellness, and a proud Afro-Dominican woman. This International Women’s Day, I’m honoring all the women who’ve come before me.

Here’s to becoming our ancestors’ wildest dream✨