Latina Entrepreneur Virtual Summit: June 10 - 19

It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the year. Looking back to January, I started this year with a one word mantra: community.

After two years of keeping my head down and building my business on my own, it was time for more. It was time to open up to support. Because if we’re not connected to the people we’re trying to serve, what’s the point? If we’re not connected with others that can help us grow, what’s the point?

Once I declared that I was ready for community and support, seemingly out of nowhere, I got it. I was invited to events and introduced to people that have helped me grow personally, pushed my business forward, and presented me with opportunities I wouldn’t have thought to ask for. One of those opportunities has been being a guest speaker at the first ever Latina Entrepreneur Virtual Summit, happening June 10 - June 19.

As Latina entrepreneurs, we have unique gifts and challenges, and that’s what the summit is addressing. Lisa Velasquez, the summit’s organizer, has gathered over 20+ Latina Entrepreneur speakers to address the challenges we face. There are sessions on everything from social media, to fitness, to PR and marketing. Each of the speakers is sharing her unique journey, lessons learned, and her expertise in her line of work. I spoke about purpose-driven PR, the mindset you need to launch a PR campaign, and how to choose the right publicist for your business. You can catch my session on June 10.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more, buy tickets here.

If you’re not sure if the summit is right for you, take a look at this excerpt from the the Latina Entrepreneur website:

You were likely the first in your family to graduate college and because you have that go-getter spirit, you created an ambitious vision for yourself that included financial success.

So you took that leap of faith and started a business. It wasn't easy and there were nights where you second guessed if this was for you. There were many lessons learned along the way that forced you to redefine what success and failure meant.

Yet here you are, standing tall and proud in your purpose - ready to grow and evolve.

I don’t know about you, but my journey is reflected in every word above.

What I’ve learned the past six months is that as soon as we’re open to support, it arrives. If you’ve been looking for support and guidance on your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here.

Here’s to building, scaling, and thriving in our lives and in our businesses.

See you soon?

With Ambition + Mischief,