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Somewhere along the line, I decided to choose community and support over ego.

I’ll be honest — I used to think asking for help was a signifier of weakness. Struggle, grit, and perseverance were the only necessary elements to well-earned success, I thought. Ambition + Mischief’s summer issue is Support because I’ve come to realize that this is the necessary element to success. Unnecessary struggle fueled by ego is so 2015.

Since making a conscious decision to allow others to support me, the support I didn’t even know I needed continues to show up. I was presented with the opportunity to work with a business coach — and took it. I was presented with an opportunity to co-host a Mindful Marketing and PR workshop — and did it. I was presented with an opportunity to be a guest speaker in a virtual conference made specifically for Latinas — and I showed up. I’ve come to realize there’s a community of women out there who want to support me — and I’m going to let them.

From wellness and travel, to PR and marketing, I hope you feel supported by this season’s issue. You’ll find details about the Latina Entrepreneur Virtual Summit mentioned above, tips on working while traveling, how to use an editorial calendar to streamline your content creation, and more.

Here’s to winning — together.






PR + Marketing

Latina Entrepreneur Virtual Summit

June 10 - 19

As Latina entrepreneurs, we have unique gifts and challenges. That’s exactly why the Latina Entrepreneur Virtual Summit was created — to share insight, resources, and tools that will help Latina businesses grow. Here’s why I decided to join the summit as a guest speaker, and how you can know if the summit is right for you.





Working Mindfully while traveling

Working for yourself means the momentum of your business is up to you. So how are you supposed to keep things on track while you’re on vacation? Here’s how I’m working mindfully while also enjoying 2 weeks in Europe this June.





PR + Marketing

How To Plan Content With an Editorial Calendar


If you’re looking to upgrade or implement an editorial calendar of your own, these are the 5 essentials you should know.





Spain and Italy 2019 Itinerary + How To Get Around Europe Easily

Here are all the places in Spain and Italy I’ll be traveling to this year, and the simple way to jump from one city to the next.



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Mischief Makers Round Up

Mischief Makers is a weekly email series that features badass women and their entrepreneurial journey. We're highlighting the imperfect trajectory to “success,” the role of self-care in remaining resilient, and the importance of breaking some rules along the way. Meet the women featured last month, and an excerpt from our conversation.




 PR + Marketing

8 things you should know


These are the 8 things every business owner should know about PR and working with the media to secure press coverage.




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