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All your PR Questions — answered

 1. What is PR?

Public relations, or PR, is the thoughtful management and communication of a brand’s image and story. There are many different aspects to PR, and one of them is media relations — sharing your story with the media.

2. How is PR different than marketing or advertising?

Advertising = Paid

Paying for others to see your brand.

Marketing = Owned

Using your own platforms to communicate with your audience (for example, your Instagram, blog, or newsletter). There are other kinds of marketing, but these are the ones you’re probably using most.

PR = Earned

With PR, getting mentioned or featured in a media article is free, but it requires some work, which is why it’s considered earned. You’re working with the media to share information that is beneficial to their readers, earning the right to “borrow” the attention of their audience.

3. Why does PR Work?

PR works because it’s third party validation.

With marketing and advertising, you’re saying good things about yourself. This can make some people skeptical, because of course you think your brand is great.

With PR, someone else (a journalist) is talking about your brand. This can make your brand more credible and trustworthy because someone outside of your brand is vouching for you.

4. does pr only work for big brands?

No, PR can work for brands at every stage. For start-ups, PR can help you reach your audience quickly, establish yourself as an expert in your industry, and provide credibility that can be leveraged in other parts of your business (raising capital, establishing partnerships, increasing sales, etc.).

5. How much does PR Cost?

Working with a journalist and getting mentioned or featured in an article is completely free.

While it doesn’t require any money, it does require time and some PR skills. Some brands pay big bucks for a publicist with these skills to take care of this process. PR fees can range from $2,000 per month, to upwards of $25,000 per month if you’re working with a big PR agency.

But don’t panic — I have a bunch of resources available for you, so you can learn how to be your own publicist.

6. I’m really bad at marketing myself. Is PR for me?

I know, marketing can feel a little sleazy sometimes. It’s because most of us have a hard time talking about ourselves, and it feels like we’re asking to be the center of attention. Here’s how I approach PR: it’s not about attention, it’s about making connections. Sharing what you know with one person (a blogger or journalist) means that you can impact hundreds or thousands of people.

Bottom line: If your voice, your work, or your knowledge will make the world a little bit better, then yes, PR is for you.


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